Aziz Norkulov

Hello! My name is Aziz Norkulov, and my dream was to study in the UK, especially in London. Many thanks to the whole team of Go-Degree Solutions. They did a great job and my dream came true. Now I study the Law at the University of Law in London. And the important thing is that they support you, even when their work is already done. This will help you not to be shocked when you come to another country with a different culture. They are real professionals in this field, and my advice is to trust them. Many thanks to the team again and wish all the best to the students of Go-Degree Solutions


Islam Akbarov 

Hi everybody. My name is Islombek.This recruitment agency, Go-Degree Solutions, is exactly client-oriented. I've seen other agencies enough and decided to start my future education with this company. I got my Us visa even I have not been in foreign countries.Thanks to Firuz and their collegues Mira and other staff. Every prospective student will realize that Go-Degree Solutions will help him/her during every step towards his/her education once he/she connects with them. And, Go-Degree Solutions provides a wide range of opportunities regarding to your financial condition. As far as I know them, they always work on the best matched option for every client.


Ismoil Abdusolihov

Hey everybody) My name is Ismoil. Currently, i'm a student in South Korea thanks to Fino Consulting. Not only did they help me choose the best University drawing on my financial status and academic performance, but gave me a professional guidance on how to deal with the admission process which sometimes can be too overwhelming to cope with single-handedly. I want to express my profound appreciation to Fino Consulting for granting me with an auspicious headstart in my University life...))


Самандар Абдухафизов

Hi there! My name is Samandar Abduhafizov and I am really proud to announce my gratitude to Fino Consulting Agency for their brilliant work in preparation of documents to my university as well as guiding me through this toilsome process. As a result of their effort, I was granted a scholarship of 30% which I'm really satisfied with. I would definitely recommend this place for everyone and especially for those thinking over the application to foreign universities.


Zokhidbek Vasilzoda

Hello! My is Zokhidbek Vasilzoda. In my opinion FINO Consulting is the best choice to the future dreams . Because when I got into trouble to choose a better country to study and also to choose a better university FINO Consulting gave a help. So I just did anything that they asked me. In my view, the way to the future dreams begins from FINO Consulting!


Dilshod Azzamov

Hello everybody! I am Dilshod Azzmov, one of the users who is really satisfied with the service of FINO Consulting. This consulting centre helped me in whole process and eventually I got 100% scholarship for my master at Gyeongsang National University in Korea, even though my IELTS score is not high enough to get this scholarship. I am really delighted with FINO Consulting an its staff, especially Farrukh aka. If you want to study in abroad, do not hesitate to address this consulting centre. I am sure your dream will come true at FINO Consulting!


Islomjon Juraev

Hello everyone, my name is Islomjon.I've admitted to Sol International School of Woosong university with help of Fino Consulting, despite I got 5.0 score from the IELTS. I've 30% scholarship right now.So,to be quite honest, in general I would say that Fino Consulting could create me an opportunity to achieve my goals that are so essential for my future life.Thank you for helping me by heart.


Bakhrom Izzatulife

Hello, everybody, my name is Bakhrom Izzatullaev. I accepted to study in California with the perfect help of FINO CONSULTING. I want to say Thank you to them especially, Firuz Ikramov, Khumora and Oksana's help. I felt difficulties with documentation works, admission process and essentially preparation to interview. However, they gave me very important advice and information about every small thing and also created for me daily interview. Now, I got a visa because of their working process. Firuz Ikramov and his all teammates "FINO CONSULTING" make it happen, they helped to my dream come true.
Studying an abroad is your dream? Contact with Fino Consulting and you will never lose.
Thanks a million!!!


Davron Yuldoshev

My name is Yuldoshev Davronbek. I have taken my visa recently (26.07.2017). From the beginning of the process I faced some difficulties but with the help of Ikramov Firuz and colleague of FINO Consulting center I could manage to overcome the difficulties!!! Thanks toooooo much to Firuz aka!!! I highly recommend the people who are going to abroad, work with FINO Consulting, because they are professional in this field and help you. I wish good luck to FINO every time. Thanks to Firuz and the colleagues again for their brilliant advices. With great respect Yuldoshev Davronbek!


Annayeva Maftuna

Hi everybody . My name is Maftuna. I want to share my experience with you about godegreesolution. The first thing that i wanna tell you is that i was looking for a reliable company which helps people to study abroad and one day i got a chance and ran into an ad in facebook about different consulting agencies , and i started geathering infos and reading people's review . The best impression was set by this company "godegreesolution" . When i went to this agency they showed me what to do what kind of documents i needed and they were so patient to explain everthing . I am so grateful to this agency and its kind staff . I' ll start studying in korea soon and get my MBA . If you have a dream to study abroad don't hesitate, this agency will certainly help you to find the best and the easiest way to fulfill your dreams.


Mirzabek Abdullayev

Biza O'zbekmiza shu uchun so'zimni boshlashdan oldin hammaga Assalomu alaykum deyman. Do'stlar Bu firma ya'ni FINO Consultinga bugun men ozimning eng yuqori balimni beraman nega deseyiz bu firma meni orzularimni amalga oshirishim uchun yelkama yelka turip oxirigacha komaklaship turdi bu yerda ishlidigon Farrux aka, Feruz aka, va Xumoraxonga eng yuksak tashakkur bildiraman. Gapimni qisqa qilaman FINO Consultinga omad faqat yuksak marralar. Hali endi kelayotgan va kelmoqchi bolgan do'stlarimizga esa To'g'ri tanlov qabul qildila deb etaman. FINO Consulting bu sizning omadingiz.


Islom Ibrohimov

2 oy davomida Toshkentdagi barcha consulting firmalarga borib chiqdim (8-9 ta), barchasini takliflarini hamda ishlash jarayonlarini o'rgandim va FINO Consulting eng yaxshisi ekanini tushunib yetdim. Ularni yordamlari bilan hozir AQSH da magistraturani o'qiyapman! Ayrim firmalar quloqqa lag'mon ilib, baland parvoz gaplar bilan 400-500$ talab qilishadi! FINO Consulting da esa narxlari qulay, bor gapni ochiq oydin gapirishadi, aldash yo'q! VISA ga tayyorlash jarayoni ham o'zgacha uslubda. Ikkilanmasdan faqat FINO ni tanlashingiz mumkin.


Xasan Atoyev

Hi everyone
I'm Khasan who was one of the users of FINO Consulting. This consultant is a reliable choice, if you find it difficult to go abroad to study. Reasons for this are, you will be offered a country (city) and the university to study according to your requirements and financial needs, the work they do is in expert level yet affordable service fees are charged. If FINO says you are bale to go and get your visa to a country of your choice then you will get it. Thanks to FINO I got admission to a Korean University with only 5,5 IELTS.


Natalya Pyagay 

It's my turn to write a review.
Let's start with the fact that I've won 100% scholarship in Hanyang University with the help of FINO Consulting. This is not my first experience to apply for universities in Korea, so I can sincerely say that it's not easy even if you have all requirements. However, I did it mostly because of my consultant's professionalism. I am glad of my decision to work with FINO Consulting and highly recommend it for you.


John Sh'Sugar

Hello everyone ) My name is Jakhongir from Samarkand and I want you to know that I am a student in USA. In our life we always face to choose the better choice. With true advices I did the best decision with choosing the FINO Consulting. They helped me a lot, they've just showed me right way. I am so grateful for them. They have best staff and excellent manners. Receptionist is always very kind. I wish them good luck !!!


Bakhodir Lutfullayev

Hi everyone. My name is Bakhodir.Soon i will start my master degree programm in one of the most prestigious universities in Korea with the great aid of FINO Consulting. They helped me all the process: from preparing documents untill visa issues.Therefore i would like to say thanks a lot for all,Mr Farrukh and Firuz.Moreover, if someone wants to study abroad and is looking for how to go,then come and see this agency. I am sure that they will do their best to achieve your goal.thanks for all again.


Khasanboy Mamasharipov 

This recruitment agency, FINO Consulting, is exactly client-oriented. I've seen other agencies enough and decided to start my future education with this company. Every prospective student will realize that FINO Consulting will help him/her during every step towards his/her education once he/she connects with them. And, FINO Consulting provides a wide range of opportunities regarding to your financial condition. As far as I know them, they always work on the best matched option for every client.


Muhammadsodiq Qodirov

Really helpful Consulting ever. When I had difficulty where to apply and what to do, I found Fino Consulting and this helped me soo much, and in february I'm starting my study to get my Bachelor degree in Korea. I'm really feeling splendid to know about this Consulting center. People working here are really nice. Thank you for helping me guys!


Shukur Shokirjonov

To be honest it is difficult to describe FINO Consulting's opportunities for student in a word. In the past studying in Korea was my one of my serious targets and FINO Consulting helped me to achieve. Now I'm studying at Solbridge International School of Business. It is really easy with them. So I will highly appreciate them 'till the end of my life�


Shoxrux Toxirboyev

Bilasizmi Men bu Agentstva xaqida eshitganimda boshqa Agentstvalarga o'xshab yordam beraolmaydi deb o'ylagandim xozrda aksincha bu Agentstva Menga Juda katta yordam berdi va Men bundan Minnaddorman. FINO Consulting is the best!


Xumoyun Xushvaqtov 

Thanks to FINO Consulting, i had a great chance to start my major Accounting in Monroe College in New Rochelle, New York. Support and help was amazing to start my journey in USA. I would strongly recommend FINO Consulting for you to take a big step confidently to achieve your dreams.


Ahmad Isayev

It is not easy to go abroad and study there. By contrast, it is easy with FINO Consulting. They do their best that students will be in time at chosen country and they can give advice any time of the day.


Davronkhon Shukurov 

I strongly recommend FINO Consulting agency if you want to enter to an excellent university fastly and in a convinient simply way. With the help of highly qualified director Feruz Ikramov and his assistant you will make your dream come true. Respect!


Violett Kim

Hi! I want to tell you about one grate Consulting which helped me a lot and offered me several variants where I can apply for. At first I had no idea what to do but then I found Fino Consulting and everything became so much easier! I've started my IELTS course and I'm going to apply for grant in Korea. Thank you for your professionalism and your work!


Nargiz Ismailova 

This is the best agency in the capital!!! They helped me a lot. Really respect them. Thank you so much FINO Consulting!!!


Muhammad Egamkulov

Presently I am a student of SolBridge international school of business in Korea thanks to FINO Consulting. It helped me when I so was confused about my future education. I think due to the invaluable advice and help of Firuz Ikramov I found good path to my perspective life. I am very greatful.


Sherzod Tohirov

My name is Sherzod Tohirov and I have been received to SolBridge International School of Business as an MBA student for the fall semester with the assistance of Fino Consulting. During almost 5 months Feruz aka and Khumora helped me greatly. I appreciated from this agency's services. I believe for studying on the abroad this organization is the best one to come dreams true. I am very grateful from the staff of Fino Consulting and its head Feruz aka.


Akram Saidov

FINO Consulting consulting service agency can facilitate any student's difficulties wo are curious to continue their academic careers in overseas.With the help of this agency favour ,we applicants' ambitions are coming true in reality and reaching our goals.They can make in easy all steps in terms of finding affordable university ,apllying to it and taking visa eligibility. Thanks for any member of FINO Consulting workers and I wish all the best for their future deeds .


Abror Isaev

I have been working with FINO Consulting from 2015 since they helped me to get UK VISA. UK VISA process was successful because they prepared me well for Interview and picked up the best program according to my academic and financial needs. Well collected documents gave me more confidence than I thought. I have foundation degree from well known UK university at the moment. I came back to Uzbekistan after graduation and I decided to apply to US University through this agency to continue my education. I didn't know that successful US VISA approval depends on well organized VISA interview appointment and well collected University and VISA required documents. Through this agency now I have my US VISA and I am going to US at the beginning of January 2017. I appreciate that they gave suitable and wide range of options in terms of: Tution fee, location of University, speciality, and high academic excellence in University.
Thank you for successful VISA and I wish all the best to process of your students VISA.


Aziz Artikov

Привет всем! Хочу поделиться опытом работы с FINO Consulting. Сама идея поехать в Америку и учиться там в Магистратуре появился у меня целых 4 года назад, пробовал много вариантов. Думал себя знаю английского языка в нормальном уровне. Тем не менее этого было недостаточно! За помощью я обратился за учебными центрами в Ташкенте. Я посетил пробные уроки нескольких учебных центров, с целю узнать достаточно ли у учителя (кто готовить к экзаменам по IELTS) центра квалификации. В конце концов я решил учится у FINO Consulting. Преподаватель Фируз ака очень правильно оценил мои слабые и сильные стороны, реальные возможности сдачи теста по IELTS. Этот центр имеет самые "оптимальные варианты" (поверьте ребята я сам ПРОВЕРЯЛ) по выбору Американских Университетов для учебы как для Бакалавриата так и для Магистратуры. Я выбрал направление MBA в Concordia University Chicago. Они очень помогли мне в подготовке к собеседованию в Посольстве США. В настоящее время я учусь здесь в Чикаго в Concordia University Chicago!!!
Я рекомендую FINO Consulting тем кто хочет учится в Америке и хочить получить американское образование, потому что это возможно, РЕАЛЬНО возможно.


Ilyos Sharafuddinov

На сегодняшний день с FINO Consulting учеба за рубежом открывает новые высоты и возможности. На мой взгляд учеба не только сидеть часами и учить предметы , а еще путешествия и получения новых возможностей , нахождения новых друзей , приятное провождения времени. В поисках организации по учебе за рубежом , я непосредственно воспользовался услугами FINO Consulting Очень приятное обслуживания и приятный коллектив. Конечно-же советую всем кто хочет изменить свою жизнь и путь достижения новых высот , обратится по номеру:


Javohirbek Orziev

HELLO EVERYBODY! ALL MY GOODNESS I WISH TO TELL BIG BIG THANKS TO FINO COUNSILTING TO ASSIST ME TO ENTER NATIONAL LOUIS UNIVERSITY AND GET VISA TO POLAND. Personaly speaking, I love the hard workings of Fino and accurate system, in addition to this, Feruz Ikromov and Madina help me to be Student Of NLU_WSB.
I recommend all who want to study abroad to choose this Counsultants.
Thank you Madina Opa  🙂


Inomjon Amirov

FINO Consulting is very helpful for those who want to study abroad. The service they provide is amazing. Perfect job. Respect you all.


Shokhsanam Kadirova

It is amazing Consulting centre they are work so hard with every client and so politely


Sayriddin Abdukarimov

I recommend FINO Consulting to all students who want to higher degree abroad and get chances to get scholarship.


Shohruh Gubayev 

FINO consulting is the best


Sunnat Abdukhakimov

I have applied to Master of Science in US, and was successfully accepted. Moreover, I was able to receive Visa, for which I am thankful for Fino Consulting and all staff members who helped me to achieve this aim��


Ahror Abdullayev

SALOM Mani ismim Ahror. Mani Koreyaga oqishga borishda Fino Consultingning hizmatlari kotta bovotti.Tariflari qulay,manga maqul keldi.Horijiy davlatlada oqishga qiziqishi borla FINO CONSULTINGga murojat qilishlaring tavsiya qilaman!


Sirojiddin Tulkunov

Eto somaya aktivnaya Agenstva v Tashkente vsem studentam sovetayu rabotat snimi


Jakhongir Kudratov

If you are facing difficulties while choosing what insitution to study in abroad or collecting document to apply, I highly reccommend FINO Consulting to help you.


Toshpulatov Suxrob

2018 talaba bölish nasib etdi. Bunga erishish uchun menga yaqindan yordam berishgan FINO Consulting hodimlariga chin yurakdan rahmat deyman. Ishlariga omad, rivoj tilab qolaman. Bolajak talabalarga ham omad tilab qolaman. Nufuzli universitetlarda oqib, yurtimiz rivojlanishiga o'z hissamizni qo'shish hammamizga nasib etsin. Hammaga omad! Yana bir bor rahmat deb qolaman FINO Consulting hodimlariga


Ziyoev Shakhrizod

Hello! My name is Shakhrizod. I was granted visa to the South Korea at Endicott College. I am so happy. Thanks to Fino Consulting members for helping me. If you have dreams to study abroad, come to Fino Consulting, get advices, collect necessary documents, get visa and fly oversea for study as me. Believe, your dreams will come true with the help of "Great People" (Fino Consulting staff)!!! Thanks for everything.,???


Shahboz Saliyev

Having taken help of Fino, I could get 100% scholarship for my tuition fee, which i am immensely grateful for. Friendly staff and inspirational leader make this center stand out. Hope everyone will find thid place very helpful.


Amirkhon Mukhamadiev

Hi everyone. Few days ago, I accepted to Endicott College of Woosong University, for what I am really thankful for Fino Consulting group. It was a pleasure getting to meet you and seeing how well your team works together. So, I wish your team great success. Thank you again for all your efforts that helped to pave the way for me to South Korea.