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FINO Consulting is a consultant in the field of education abroad offering 30 destinations of the world.


Different countries have different rules for admission of foreign students, often their own requirements for university entrants are made by the universities themselves! Preparing for admission to a foreign educational institution, future students and their parents seek to obtain maximum information about it.We offer education abroad for different specialties with different duration. The main task of our consultants is to find the optimal program (at the price, set tasks and terms of education) that meets the needs of our clients and is consistent with their financial capabilities. In our work there are no templates, because students come to us with different levels of training, who set themselves different goals. Our task is to find an acceptable way for you to get an education abroad!


Our priority is to choose the educational institution that will suit parents at a price and students in terms of level. If you decide to entrust such an important choice as choosing an educational institution for us, then you are not mistaken.


About Us

FINO provides professional educational consulting to students
wishing to gain higher education abroad at TOP ranking universities
and colleges worldwide. We are in the market since 2012. We guarantee honesty and diligence through all the process of admission and visa





Firuz Ikramov, Bsc, MBA

Founder and Director, Chief Consultant on all programs

Since 2012, Firuz Ikramov began to help students to obtain higher education in foreign countries. He helped hundreds of students prepare documents for admission to foreign universities.

Graduated from the Bachelor's degree in
MDIST (Management Development Institute of Singapore in Tashkent) and a Master's degree in Cardiff Metropolitan Universtiy, MBA, England.

In the early years he worked in the Uzbekinvest as an underwriter, therefore, during the training of the Master's in England he worked as a marketing specialist in GSO Business Solutions.

Email:  firuz@fino.uz
Tel:     +998911342812

Karimov Farrukh (2)



Farrukh Karimov

Senior Consultant on Korean and German programs FINO offers

Farrukh graduated from MDIST (Management Development Institute of Singapore in Tashkent). He is engaged with students to prepare a package
of documents for submission to educational institutions who wish to study in Korea, Germany.





Shahnoza Odilzoda

Senior Consultant and Managing Director at Fino's 2nd office and regional branches

Shahnoza graduated Bachelor's degree from Cardiff Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom. She is engaged with students to prepare a package
of documents for submission to educational institutions who wish to study in one of the countries FINO offers. 




Malika Khalmuratova

Consultant on degree programs FINO offers in English speaking countries.

Malika graduated from WIUT (Westminster International University in Tashkent). The main responsibilities under Malika is to understand areas of further study program, analyze student's potential and recommend better education curriculum/university to each student. She is engaged with students to prepare a package  of documents for submission to educational institutions located in New Zealand, USA, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada





Manbetova Xumora

Consultant on Asian degree programs

Xumora is a student at MTI (Moscow Technology Institute). She has 3 years working experience in the field of communication and has already become professional in her field. She is engaged with students to prepare a package of documents for submission to educational institutions located in Korea, Russia, Malaysia, China, Turkey, Dubai and India.






Rakhmonova Madina

Consultant on European degree programs

Madina is studying Business Administration at WIUT (Westminster International University in Tashkent). She is engaged with students to prepare a package of documents for submission to educational institutions located in European Union countries. Despite working with European countries, she loves to travel and have been in couple of European countries. Her main aim is to glorify the European educational system among future Uzbek students.

Our university consultants are fully experienced and trained by trusted university partners and the British Council, and are here to help guide you through each step of the application process to any world university, college or language school.

So why do you need us as an Educational Agent?

Today, many of those who intend to enter a foreign institution of higher education, are striving to independently go through the whole process, based on information received from the Internet. Others seek help from a specialized educational agency.

What are the advantages of the second way? Or we will tell differently, what pluses, if you address to us FINO Consulting! First of all, we note that a thorough analysis and comparison of various options for admission will require a tremendous amount of time for a future student-it is simply impossible to explore this huge market in a single day or a week of hard work.

No information received through the Internet or from booklets does not reflect a completely real situation with the arrival of "here and now". An experienced consultant who works "individually", that is, with each individual client, can prompt in time what can be waved, and what not worth trying for. He will indicate the alternatives. Strength of professional managers of educational agencies is not just knowledge of the market of educational services, but also acquaintance with specific educational institutions, their leadership, representatives of their international department.

Admission to a foreign university is a rather lengthy procedure. The choice of the program, competent registration of documents, correspondence with the university, confirmation of enrollment, obtaining a visa - all this takes time, and not a little. The slightest failure in this chain will lead to the fact that the spent efforts will go to waste, but nobody will return the past time to the entrant. Turning to our agency, you can be sure: sad loss in the form of a missed year of study or even two will not be.

An important advantage of applying to the educational agency is also the opportunity to optimize their expenses for training in a foreign university. Without costs in this case cannot do - it's understandable. But here to get for your money the most useful - in other words, to spend them on the realization of the very goal that the potential student is trying to achieve, so that the chosen program meets the strictest requirements for content and quality level - this task with the help of professionals can be solved in the most complete form. Finally, it is in our agency that you can get the latest and reliable information about the possibility of receiving a scholarship or a grant, which in the end will not only justify the costs of consulting a consultant, but will also bring some profit.

And the last thing, if you decided to act through our agency, does not postpone your visit to us for the last months before entering. The more time you and our consultants have in stock, the more optimal variant we can find for you. Moreover, we will help you to enter this year!