Available faculties

-Informations Systems
-International Management/CEMS
-Quantitative Finance
-Socio-Ecological Economics and Policy
-Strategy, Innovation, and Management Control
-Supply Chain Management

Required Documents, Company fees and other Costs

If you decide to work with us to process your documents to AUSTRIA you would need to pay us initially 2 million soums + 6 million after admission.

Your other costs for Austria

  1. Visa fee -  70 USD
  2. Travel health insurance confirmation of minimum 30,000 € coverage within Austria and the entire Schengen area.

Required documents for Students (Residence Permit)

List of required documents also depends on the university you choose. But below you can see some standard documents you must have upon application process.

(According to the Austrian law on temporary and permanent residence for a stay in Austria for more than 180 days, you must obtain a residence permit or residence permit)

  • A completed and signed application form: "Residence permit for university students"
  • Two passport-size photographs according to ICAO criteria (color, size 3.5 x 4.5 cm)
  • Valid Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Notification of admission to higher education (Confirmation of enrollment) of a university or a special higher education institution or other educational institutions
  • Proof of livelihood security (in particular, a payroll, proof of salary, employment contracts, as well as, for example, confirmation of employment of the applicant's parents and confirmation of cash receipts to the applicant's account). We draw your attention to the fact that at the same time the competent internal bodies pay special attention to the origin of funds when checking the confirmation of livelihood security.
  1. A) Students of universities under the age of 24: 502.24 euros / month of stay = 6036 euros a year
  2. B) Students of universities from the age of 24: 909.42 euros / month of stay (maximum 12 months in advance) 10908 euros a year. If the cost of renting a house per month exceeds EUR 288.87 / month 14364 euros a year, it is necessary to provide confirmation of the availability of additional funds.
  • Confirmation of the availability of health insurance from the time of entry prior to the start of studies in Austria or to the preparation of voluntary insurance for students. If the student's voluntary insurance is not available, it is necessary to provide proof of the registration of private medical insurance covering all risks. Confirmation of registration of voluntary insurance of students in the territorial health insurance fund, or a private medical insurance policy should be provided at the request of the internal migration office.
  • Extract from the criminal records from the country of origin in the original, with an apostille and a notarized translation into German (the maximum limitation period is 3 months before filing)